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A number of products are available and can be bought online or downloaded as demos for testing!

eSalary 2015

An application (running on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems as well as on iPhone and iPad platforms) designed to calculate salaries equivalency amongst 83 cities within 66 countries around the globe. It also calculates the proper expatriate packages (built-up method). Based on the reported home location gross salary, it provides a comparison between the home and host location gross salaries, statutory benefits cost, taxes and housing costs and the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).


Application designed to help the user in putting in place a formal job evaluation, perform individual assessments, generate job descriptions and also designed to create salary structures based on the evaluation results.

Spend Plan

Application enabling a company to prepare & manage company salary budgets for the upcoming fiscal year

Project Mgr

Application which is a complement of Microsoft Project Mgmt (or equivalent). The main purpose of this program is to structure and define the various steps tied-up to objectives in an organized way enabling various authorized users and project leaders to have a clear view of the process. It is also used as a repository of all the applications (e.g. xls, doc, ppt, etc.) linked to these projects. Can be used for any projects (HR related or not).

Process Mgr

Application which is similar in concept to the Project Mgr, however designed to be used as a repository of all processes and files related to a department. Can be used for any processes (HR related or not)


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