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Our Mission

To provide our clients with professional no-nonsense business solutions within the Human Resources field (products and/or services) with the primary objective that it be successfully implemented and operational within a reasonable timeframe.

To offer quality services through highly experienced and qualified staff at competitive costs.

To outsource HR projects for clients that either do not have the resources to do it, nor the experience, or need some professional help until they find an internal solution.

Last but not least, go to the essential and provide to clients plain, practical and efficient Human Resources solutions.

About TymWork

TymWork, created by Michel de Tymowski in 1999 in Geneva, Switzerland, is an independent company specializing in international HR consulting activities.

The primary area of expertise of TymWork is in the field of Human Resources Management, focusing on salary management, position evaluation systems, competency assessment/skill analysis projects, total remuneration reviews, short and long term incentive plan design for both sales and executive staff, expatriate compensation programs & policies as well as Human Resources audits.

Another important aspect of TymWork is its level of expertise in technical issues on HRIS programs or other HR related IT programs as well as web programming. Also, when additional competencies are required to fulfill a project, TymWork networks with other professional HR consultants around Europe. This gives some true project flexibilities as well as unbiased recommendations.

Our team experience has been forged through many years working with leading HR and Compensation and Benefit Consulting firms on the international scene as well as with some of the largest Industrial and High Tech Corporations in Europe to offer you the best.

In addition to our thorough knowledge of the compensation field, we have a wide practical experience in developing Compensation applications on or off the Net on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Skills & Competencies

Professional Skills

We have over 25 years of experience in C&B gathered through various positions amongst US multinational either as HR manager, C&B manager or a C&B consultant in many different industries.

At EMEA level, we have been actively involved in:

  • Job evaluation projects;

  • Remuneration surveys (design and participation);

  • Sales compensation programs;

  • Executive Compensation, including cash and non-cash incentive plan design;

  • Salary management;

  • Reward and recognition programs

  • Expatriate programs;

  • Labor cost analysis;

  • HR audits;

  • Acquisition & integration;

  • Due diligence;

  • Employee communications;

  • HRIS development and implementation (e.g. SAP & Peoplesoft);

  • Pension Plan development;

  • Climate/attitude surveys;

  • Workers Council experiences.


  • Extensive experience in Human Resources (total Rewards in particular);
  • Good negotiation skills at all levels;
  • Strong team player;
  • High analytical skills;
  • Computer literate (incl. data programming);
  • Individual experience in both corporate and consulting world;
  • Reputable clients over the past 10 years.

Our Competitive Edge

Our main strengths compared to many of our competitors:

  • We have many years of experience in both the corporate and consulting environment within Europe;

  • We are close to your project;

  • No assignments are being delegated or outsourced to junior staff as it is often the case with large HR consulting firms.

  • Even though we do not have the size, staff, and coverage of larger consulting firms, we do some networking with other similar organizations to ours that either are better positioned to meet your needs, or are closer to your operation.

  • Last but not least, we are costs effective.

Our running costs are more competitive than our larger competitors which is reflected in reasonable hourly rates when compared to the competition. With us, you not only get senior consultants dedicated to your project, but you also get this service at a competitive rate..."always too expensive" as clients would put it, but our track record and clients satisfaction proves otherwise!

Major Clients since 1999

  Accuray Medical devices
  Amadeus Leading airlines booking IT systems
  AstraZeneca Pharma
  Audémars Piguet Luxury Watch industry
  Bunge Commodity trading
  CICR/ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
  Compaq High Tech
  Edwards Lifesciences Medical devices
  GEM Multinationals association (Geneva/Vaud)
  Getronics High Tech Services
  Hewlett Packard High Tech
  IATA International Aviation Transport Association Organization
  Intuitive Surgical Medical devices
  Ipsen Pharma Bio-medical
  Japan Tobacco Int'l Consumer Goods
  Medtronic Medical devices
  Merk Serono Pharma Bio-medical
  Novartis Pharma
  Odyssey Banking software solution provider
  Orange Telecom
  Philip Morris Consumer Goods
  RJ Reynolds Consumer Goods
  State Street Financial Institution
  SGS Leading ISO certification
  Tag Aviation Airline industry
  Temenos Banking software solution provider
  World Economic Forum (WEF) Not-for-profit International Organization




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