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Netcomp is an integrated HR software that will help you managing your compensation program

Netcomp has been designed to help the H.R. professional in the effective management of :

  • evaluating positions;
  • assessing the skills and competencies of individuals;
  • establishing various salary structures by country or division.

The concept of Netcomp is far different from well-known evaluation approaches, including latest releases of computer aided position evaluation systems.

Netcomp has been structured around a well tested standard framework. It applies the latest evaluation techniques, using proven factors of the nineties. Due to its standard structure, Netcomp is ready to be used immediately after the installation of the program, with a very short learning curve.

Netcomp has been designed to give you all the necessary tools at the touch of a finger to carry out a position evaluation exercise, with added features such as individual assessment and salary management. The main objective of Netcomp is to help management solve their problems efficiently, not to create obstacles through complex IT procedures resulting in significant time involvement understanding the system.

The main advantages of the Netcomp approach are :

  • quickly and easily mastered even by non-computer experienced H.R. professionals;
  • a position evaluation framework with a structured questionnaire involving multiple choice selection;
  • proven factors, sub-factors and weightings all developed from years of relevant experience;
  • additional modules for competencies and salary management;
  • flexible for most computer networks;
  • an affordable and realistic cost.

Program features

Netcomp has been designed in order for the first time user to be in the position to evaluate, assess individuals or enter salary information almost immediately.

Netcomp factors, sub-factors and preset weightings have been widely tested and are the result of pertinent experience of the Netcomp developing team gained over a number of years through various position evaluation projects and systems. However, Netcomp has the flexibility, should the company need a different weighting approach or corporate values change from the initial implementation, to easily adjust factors and sub-factors weightings as well as the questionnaire to its own requirements.

The Netcomp questionnaire is structured around a number of pertinent multiple choice questions applicable to all concerned employees.

Netcomp, in addition to the position evaluation program, has a built-in module to assess the skills and competencies of the employees filling the positions. A cross analysis comparison identifies the requirements of the position against the competencies of the employee in place or the individual to be promoted/recruited (= gap analysis).

One of the unique features of Netcomp is the ability to link survey data or in-house salary equations to the evaluation. Therefore, each time you review or evaluate a new position for a specific country or division, it automatically recalculates the market value of the analyzed position. It provides you comparative statistical data on base salary, incentive and total cash. Should you decide to apply a grading system to Netcomp, it automatically sets the minimum, midpoint and maximum of the recommended grade range, as well as the pertinent compar-ratio.

Netcomp can also help you to define your merit budget through performance level and salary positioning analysis for specific positions, department or country. In addition, the appropriate cost-of-living ceiling(s) can be automatically calculated by level of salary if such is the policy in your organization.

It also generates job descriptions based on the questionnaire as well as the possibility to customize these job description in a structured and efficient layout.

Program Cost (as a stand alone application)

Description Price Price incl. VAT(*)


5'000.- 5'380.-

(*) VAT only applicable to companies based and invoiced in Switzerland



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